We are getting a new roof on our clubhouse, so there will be no meeting this month

At last! The Eyne-Cambredaze Historical Society of Wichita is getting a new roof on our clubhouse! The job will be done by an outfit named Roofing Wichita KS

The roofers will be starting early next week, which is, of course the week of our monthly meeting. And so there will be no meeting this month.

Mary Ellen Whelan has asked me to announce that she will be giving a lecture on the history of Wichita at the Elks Club on Tuesday, October 18.

She will be concentrating for the most part, she says, on the story of Jesse Chisholm and the Chisholm Trail.

Jesse Chisholm, as of course all of you know, was a half-breed Indian who although he could neither read nor write was able to speak a number of different Indian languages.

He established a trading post in Wichita, which had been a trading center for nomadic hunters in North America for more than 11,000 years.




He traded both goods and cattle with the Wichita Tribe, not only in Wichita but also all along what eventually came to be known as the “Chisholm Trail,” which ran all the way down to Oklahoma, and then on into Texas.

It promises to be an informative, and even exciting lecture, and we urge all of you to attend it.

Meanwhile Patrick Riley tells us that he will have an informal meeting at his house on Saturday, October 22, to which he would like to invite as many of you as would like to come.

He would like to have discussions about the Kansas oil boom which started back in 1914-1915.

He’s especially interested in Archibald Derby, who first drilled a successful well in Butler County, and went on to establish the Derby Oil Company, and in John Vickers, the founder of Vickers Oil Company.

So any of you who have an interest in Kansas’ brief shining time as an oil producer, be sure to go see him on Saturday afternoon. Refreshments, he says, will be served.

And next month, in November, after the roof has been fixed, we will have our regular monthly meeting.